About Us

Welcome to Angel Bell Hair

Keena Tracy & Delicia Echols


Angel Bell Hair is a family business owned by black women. Officially launched in 2021 with 30+ years of experience as hair extension connoisseurs.

More than 50% of women suffer from hair loss at some point in their life for various reasons. As a maturing woman I personally have experienced thinning hair. This can be devastating for women.

I was determined to revitalize my thinning hair. I was on a mission to find a solution. After dozens of hair stylist, mediocre hair extensions and thousands of dollars wasted I had enough! My research led me to a phenomenal stylist who is all about caring for and promoting your healthy hair. This journey requires a protective style. Protective styles are often utilizing a weave or wig.

Whether you choose to wear a weave or wigs to protect your natural hair, choosing quality hair is key to longevity in a protective style. Low quality hair extensions and wigs will not last, can destroy your edges, and tear out your natural hair. It can destroy your overall look and make you feel less than confident.

My experience with purchasing quality hair over the years has been hit or miss. I've purchased thousands of dollars in what I thought would be quality hair only to be disappointed and discouraged.

I wanted to create a solution that I could benefit from and share with my family and friends. 

After countless hours of research and testing products on me and my family members I decided to launch my own hair extension company where I could feature high quality hair extensions for all.

As tribute to my late mother and great-grandmother I chose to name the company Angel Bell Hair (combination of Angela & Lulu Bell) which officially launched in May 2021.

Angel Bell Hair wants to help women all over the world feel beautiful inside and out. There is a saying “if you look good you feel good.” Our hair is our crown and you should wear it with pride.

Angel Bell Hair has the high quality hair extensions. You can dye it, cut it, style it to your liking or wake up & wear your crown and go. With proper care your hair can last up to 2 years!

Let us help you bring out your inner beauty. Experience luxurious hair for an affordable price. We believe in our products so much that we have a 100% money back guarantee for unused products.

Feel and look your absolute best with our products. Whether it’s for your everyday look at home, at the office or wherever your life takes you we have high quality hair to accentuate your look.

Make your purchase today and invest in you. Angel Bell Hair, “Luxurious Hair for the Queen in You”

Keena Tracy, Founder